Word Reporter

Easy and effective report tool


Create Complex Reports Faster and Easier

If you want to improve Dynamics NAV report functionalities this is the tool for you

Reports with document layout made in few mouse clicks also by end users

A double optimization level for sharing layouts in many reports and same data extractor in different layouts

Completely integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Reports Made Easy

Word Reporter gives you the capability of using a smart, user friendly, well known tool like Microsoft Word to design the layout

Data and representation level are completely decoupled

This simplify the development allowing a double level of optimization, sharing a layout between many data extractor, and different layout with the same data extractor

Parallelisation. Data model and layout can be done at the same time by different person, with different skills

The layout can be designed in disconnected mode

Customized by End Users

The ease of Microsoft Word gives the opportunity to delegate to end users many customizations.

Microsoft Word is not strictly necessary at run time

Rich On Line Knowledge Base

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